Who We Are

 Creative Wood Images has been serving the Reno, NV area since 1996.  We provide everything from whole house cabinetry needs to creating that one of a kind, unique piece that currently exists only in your mind. When we take on your project, you get the benefit of the entire CWI team working together to create something built with love and care and with you in mind at every step of the process.

We are a true cabinet manufacturer.  We are nothing like what you will find in a big box home improvement store, or at a semi-custom cabinet shop.  Our team does all fabrication, finish and installation work without sub-contracting to outside vendors or buying cabinets from another manufacturer.  We believe that having one team perform all stages of the project makes for a better product for our clients. When the person building your cabinets is the same person installing your cabinets, the end result is something seamless and beautiful. This is why our team is comprised of craftspeople who know their trade from start to finish.

Every cabinet shop fits in the cabinetry industry in its own unique way.  Some shops are large and are geared to produce hundreds of identical cabinets for large commercial jobs.  Some shops are just one person, focusing only on one piece at a time.  Creative Wood Images is capable of handling anything from large to small jobs and focuses on quality as the characteristic that differentiates us from the rest.  We are a 9 person team with a 6700 sq/ft shop.   Our team members are more than just cabinet makers.  They are trained and skilled craftspeople.  We do not believe in high employee turn over.  We believe in hiring folks with a passion for wood and a creative mind.  We believe every person is unique and adds value to a well balanced team.  They are provided with training, space and the tools to allow them to flourish.  Our senior cabinet maker has been in the industry for close to 40 years.  He has produced a massive amount of high end creations that are scattered all over Lake Tahoe and the Reno area.  He ensures that that the quality of products produced remains at a consistent highest level.  

Our custom touch goes all the way to the finish that goes onto the final product.  Unlike some shops that do not do in-house finish, we have a 1200 sq/ft finish room complete with a large vented spray booth and a variety of high end pumps and spray guns to accommodate almost any finish product.  We have partnered with M.L. Campbell and other high end material suppliers to ensure we have access to whatever it takes to produce the highest quality finishes.  

We are a living, growing company that not only believes in quality as our differentiating factor, but does the work and research to ensure we continue to achieve the highest quality going forward.  Every two years the Association of Woodworking and Furnishing Suppliers (AWFS) holds a massive event at the Las Vegas convention center.  This fair is the place where all suppliers in the cabinetry industry come together to show their new products, answer questions on existing products and allow us to make real face to face connections with many manufacturers.  Because of the value that is attained from this fair, the entire company attends this four day event.